Lower Primary

(5 - 7 Years)

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Lower Primary:

Key Stage 1 -2 ( Primary 1 – 6 classes)
Our Primary School is for children aged 5-11 years.
In line with the UK educational model, our primary school is separated into two Key Stages; KS1 is for students aged 5-7 years and KS2 is for students aged 7-11 years.

Our primary school builds on the broad experiences and concepts already introduced in the early classes. In the primary classes, we drive learning using a balanced integration of the British and the Nigerian curricula. Therefore, we measure our children’s performance using the UK assessment tools as well as internally created Nigerian content-based assessments. This integrated method ensures that we raise our children as global citizens who are locally relevant to their immediate society. Our integrated curriculum is equally enriched with what we call the informal curriculum with which the essence and the core of our values are anchored. This ensures that beyond academics, we are able to attend to the total need of the child, thereby raising children who can move on to impact their generation positively. This is what makes us uniquely Brainyville!
In addition to our unique curriculum, we have in place, whole school development plans for all subjects such as Literacy, Mathematics, Science, etc. Performance across all subjects is driven by a robust databank of international gap  assessments and bench marking tools. This ensures that teachers have access to a rich bank of appropriate, high-quality assessment tools to use to evaluate the children’s learning at every point in time. We are continuously reviewing children’s performance to spot and address any identified learning gap in a timely manner.

For the wholesome development of a child, Brainyville considers parents as partners in the education of their children, therefore, parents are always welcome to meet teachers (with prior appointment), as and when necessary.




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